Blueridge Technologies

Blueridge Technologies is a locally veteran owned company servicing the Columbus and surrounding area in all your technology needs. From computer repair, network solutions, and camera systems our team of qualified and certified technicians are ready to service your technology needs.

Located at
4022 University Avenue Suite 10 Columbus, GA 31907
Computer and Repair 706-221-8324
Cameras and Networking 706-905-4070
Fax 888-892-5423

Office hours

  • Monday - Friday 10a - 7p
  • Saturday 10a- 5p

- We are all connected ~ Joseph Hancock

Computers and Services

We offer many services when it comes to Computers and repair. There is nothing that we cant fix but there are times when repairing it might be more than what you want to invest in the computer.

Tablet screen repairs normally around $80. Ipads normally around $130. Yes we repair all computers and laptops HP, Dells, Alienware, and Macs.

Computer Repairs

  • Virus Removal $75
  • Computer Clean ups $75
  • Hard drive replacements
  • Power supplys replacements
  • Mother board replacements
  • Software issues
  • Software upgrades
  • memory upgrades

Active Shooter

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Laptop Repairs

  • Screen Replacements
  • DC jack replacements
  • Hard drive replacements
  • DVD/Blueray replacements
  • Broken chassis replacements
  • memory upgrades
  • software issues
  • software upgrades



Surveillance Cameras

In this crazy world peace of mind comes from technology. So much going on we almost have to give the police more information than ever to close the case. Until Blueridge Technologies security cameras were only available to a select few. We offer the best systems at affordable prices.  
We call it your world in your hands.

Analog HD Systems

This is the newest Analog technology to date.  Although there is a considerable difference in the AHD cameras, and IP camera which are digital, this was a major leap from the older T.V. line (TVL) closed circuit T.V (CCTV) systems. The resolution far surpasses the older TVL technology and is the fraction of the price of an IP camera.

IP HD Systems

This is truly the best of the best in resolution and clarity of all the systems. This is the only camera that can offer full high definition. With unprecedented quality, that cannot be matched. Watch the sweat drop off people’s forehead.

Hybrid Systems

The Hybrid system allows us to combine technologies AHD and IP technologies. This solution gives you the customer the best of both worlds. This combined technology system allows us to keep the quality up and the cost of the overall system down.

Surveillance Cameras



Network Solutions

We have been the cornerstone of many businesses in different industries since 1999. With a trained and Cisco certified staff we can make any situation and budget work. We have been IT professionals for a long time working in the Banking industry, Hotel industry, Broadcasting, and Corporate industry. Overtime we have become masters of Wireless, and Fiber networks. We engineer sound, flexible networks that can grow as you need it.

  • Wired and wireless network design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Break /fix contracts
  • 24/7 support
  • Help desk support for hotels and business
  • Integration of network and surveillance systems
  • Wireless designs and installation for residential networks

15 years ago you would or could buy a laptop that might not have a wireless adapter. Fast forward to 2015 and your phone, car, TV, DVD player, almost everything that you use is wireless. This is where we come in we set your home up to accommodate your wireless needs. Why is your home network slow, its because its set up only allows one or two devices to take full control, why is the wireless at a hotel or restaurants  not slow. Because they have us, and what we do for you is use the same hardware that we use for hotels to give your home a wireless signal that can support your house.


Tax Software Sales and Support



Technical Support



About Us

Started in October 2007 with the mission to provide outstanding customer service, selling and using quality products, we could make technology available to everyone that was only available to select few. Our Promise to you is that whatever service we provide to you from computer Repair, computer purchase, web design, wired or wireless networking, that your experience with us will be much more than you ever expected.

Company Leadership

  • Blueridge Technologies, LLC is Veteran owned and operated.
  • General Manager:  Joseph Hancock Email:
    (706) 706-221-8324 |
  • Computers and repair:  (706) 221-8324 |
  • Cameras and networking:  (706) 905-4070 |
  • Oncall: 706-575-7898


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